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bike park soszów, wisła

Bike Park Soszów (Wisła) – berms, berms, roots, roots

Bike Park Soszów is a new MTB spot, built in 2023. It offers 7 lines, including two flow trails, full of berms and five enduro trails, full of roots. Together ca. 6,5 km of trails.

bike park skolnity, wisła

Skolnity Bike Park (Wisła) – for those who can jump

Skolnity is a small bike park in Wisła with three flow trails of varying difficulty. Labeled as green, blue and red, but I would say it’s green, red and black. Bikers who like to jump several meters will definitely have fun there.

electric bike on the trail

Trail Riding Adventures: Discover the Thrill of Electric Bikes

Experience the excitement of trail riding with electric bikes. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or a newcomer to biking, electric bikes offer a thrilling and accessible way to explore trails and embrace the great outdoors. In this article, we’ll delve into the benefits of trail riding on an electric bike, tips for choosing the right bike, and essential gear to enhance your adventure.

How to get a driving license as a foreigner in Poland?

Nowadays it is very important to get a driving license. It gives you great freedom of movement, independence and allows you to get anywhere without much trouble. In Poland, every young person decides to get a driving license, usually just after turning 18. However, in order to succeed, it is necessary to enroll in a good driving course. If you have recently wondered “what is a good car driving school near me?”, be sure to read on.


Top 3 Motorcycle Events in Austria That Might Be Worth Your Time

Looking for the best motorcycle events in Austria? Finding a great event to attend has never been easier. We must note that there aren’t many events to discover and attend, but the actual ones are so popular and attractive that you don’t want to miss them.


English-Polish bicycle dictionary

Poland has plenty of great bicycle trails. If you plan to visit Poland by bike, bicycle terminology can be useful. The dictionary contains only some words now, but I will add more.

trasy enduro srebrna góra, a1 dreamworkers

Enduro Trails Srebrna Góra – bike park closest to Wrocław

Actually, “bike park” – in quotation marks, because there is no bike lift there, but there are cars with trailers for bicycles, thanks to which you can enjoy the descents without tiring yourself on the uphill sections. A great place for intermediate bikers, but beginners and more experienced riders will also find something for themselves there.

salt lake city

Transfer times from SLC

Arriving at Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) signals the commencement of a thrilling expedition, regardless of whether you are enticed by the allure of downtown Salt Lake City, the serene enchantment of Deer Valley, the lively streets of Park City, or the untamed slopes of Snowbird. Facilitating a seamless transition from the airport to your adventure hinges on one crucial element: comprehending the various transportation alternatives available to you.

park in prague

Best parks in prague

Did you know that in 2018, it ranked first among European capitals for having the highest proportion of green spaces in relation to the total area of the city? Prague’s greenery occupies an impressive 57 percent of the city’s area.


Ultimate Guide to Luxury Yacht Charter Experiences

Wondering how to charter a yacht for an exquisite and personalized vacation? This article cuts through the waves of doubt, guiding you on how to navigate the opulent seas with ease. Learn to select the ideal yacht, pinpoint the most stunning routes and destinations, and plan a journey that perfectly fits your vision of luxury and freedom. This guide is your compass to a seamless yacht charter experience, highlighting what truly matters without setting sail into excessive detail.

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