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1 day in Stołowe Mountains and 3 interesting places

Stołowe Mountains (Table Mountains) is low mountain range in Sudetes, characterised by unusual rock formations. I propose you 28 km hike, during which you will see one of the best places in Stołowe Mountains National Park.

The two most often visited places in Stołowe Mountains are Błędne Skały (Errant Rocks) – short but interesting rock maze and Szczeliniec Wielki (919 m a.s.l.) – the highest peak of Table Mountains. During one day you can walk also nice trail leading to Skały Puchacza (Rocks of Eagle-owl).

Below you can see my and my boyfriend’s trip. See it also at – it’s comfortable online map with all tourist trails.

We stayed in village Duszniki-Zdrój, but if you prefer to walk less, better starting point would be village Karłów, mountain hut at Szczeliniec Wielki or mountain hut Pasterka. If you don’t have a car it would be however easier to get to Duszniki-Zdrój, as there are more connections and you can get there by direct bus or train from Wrocław (you can check connections on

From Duszniki-Zdrój we went by bus to Kudowa-Zdrój, where our trip started. First few kilometres is red trail in the forest, which leads to Błędne Skały (Errant Rocks).

stołowe mountains national park

There’s also possibility to get to Błędne Skały by a car, but I’ve read that in summer, because of small parking, sometimes tourists have to wait about 2 hours to ride there. We were there in September in weekday and there wasn’t many tourists. Only few people and one school trip. If you want to come there in weekend during high season, be prepared for crowds.

Errant Rocks is really unique place. Sandstone rocks in unusual shapes create narrow paths between them. The trail is very short – only about 30 minutes of walk, but it’s really worth to see.

errant rocks in stołowe mountains national park

Next we went by green trail to Szczeliniec Wielki. It isn’t high mountain, but on the top you can see another interesting rock formations.

szczeliniec wielki stołowe mountains national park

There is also short rock labyrinth, probably similar to Errant Rocks, but there were pretty many people and I didn’t decide to go there.

Further we went to village Karłów and then to Lisia Przełęcz. There is crossing of trails and you have to decide if you prefer blue or yellow. Both trails lead to Skały Puchacza and both are interesting. By yellow trail you will get to Białe Skały (White Rocks) – 20-30 m high rock formations. We went by blue trail which goes on the edge of high rocks with nice views on surroundings.

stołowe mountains national park

That’s not everything worth to see in Stołowe Mountains National Park. Next day I went to Skalne Grzyby (Rock mushrooms) and Niknąca Łąka (Vanishing meadow). How to get there and why it’s worth to visit, I will tell in next post :)


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  1. Yana Camilleri Ostler

    Hi we are from Malta and will be in wroclaw very soon. This looks wonderful. We would like to visit the Tatra Mountains however are not going to have a car so we have to use trains and buses. Do you think this is possible? Also, can you suggest a good accomodation over there? Thanks

    • maja

      Hi, if you want to see Tatra Mountains, you have to get to Kraków and next to Zakopane. It is possible by buses and trains, but actually Wrocław is much closer to Stołowe Mountains or Karkonosze Mountains (town Karpacz or Szklarska Poręba). You can find connections on

      In Zakopane you can find many good accomodation on If you look for something cheap I can recommend Top Hostel, MTB Hostel or Good Bye Lenin Hostel. Karkonosze I don’t know well so it’s hard for me to recommend something.

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