Bike Park in Dolni Morava in the Czech Republic is one of those places where you can have a great fun on a hardtail MTB bike. Several kilometers of routes, big berms and lots of tabletops. I liked it!


I only got into downhill and dirt jumping last year. First, I was riding easy routes, such as Glacensis singletracks or singletracks near Strzelin, then more difficult ones, e.g. Milky Way on Czarna Góra, and at the end of the season, after going downhill from Srebrna Góra along A line, I decided to buy a fullface and protectors, because I was getting more and more risk and I felt that it’s only a matter of time until I crash.

And so, since spring this year, wearing protectors, that give me courage, I have been riding even more difficult routes on my hardtail. Also those where I regret not having a full squish (e.g. enduro routes on Ślęża and Radunia or hiking trails in the Opawskie Mountains). I’m not a complete beginner anymore, but technically I still have a lot to learn.

In the next posts, I will share my impressions of the bike parks that I have visited. I am writing from my perspective, i.e. if you are more or less advanced, you may have different feelings sometimes.

I ride a Trek Roscoe 7 bike. It’s a trail hardtail with 2.8” wide tires that provide quite a lot of cushioning. Such a bike is much better on descents than an XC bike, so also take that into account when I say that a route is cool for a hardtail ;)

Bike Park Dolní Morava

Bike Park Dolní Morava is located right on the border with Poland.

In addition to biking routes, the place offers many other attractions, incl. the Sky Walk, the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge and the bobsleigh track. It attracts a lot of tourists and even on Friday there were plenty of them. The upside, however, is that bikers have a separate queue to the lift and while ordinary tourists stood in the 200-meter long queue, there were never more than a few people in front of us.

There are 4 trails of varying difficulty in the bike park.

Green trail – Mlýnský trail

The longest (8 km) and very easy route. Smooth surface, sometimes small rollers and large berms. Actually, apart from the berms, nothing interesting.

Blue trail – Selský trail

Here, too, a smooth surface and large berms, but also a lot of small tabletops. I was most delighted with the berms. I am bad at riding on berms and when riding on Polish spots I overcome them very slowly and often brake on the berms, because even though I slowed down before, it seems to me that it is too fast and I will fall out. I didn’t have such an impression here. They are so profiled that I ran them smoothly without any problems.

I could also go to the air on a few tabletops, but unfortunately only on a few, because most of them have such a gentle takeoff that without good jumping skills, I was not able to lift my tires.

Red trail – Lesní trail

Here you can go to the air even without jumping skills, because if you ride up quickly enough, the tabletops will lift you themselves ;) They are already quite large here, and the surface, although mostly still smooth, is covered with stones in places. There is also a natural section of the roots in the middle. It would probably be more enjoyable on a full suspension bike, but on a hardtail it’s still fun :)

Black trail – Mamutí trail

Out of curiosity, I also rode the most difficult black route once. It partially runs together with the red trail and in two places it is divided into two variants – DH or AirLine. We chose DH in the first one and Air in the second place. DH, meaning stones and roots. I tried not to accelerate too much, but I went downhill and I don’t remember that it stressed me out too much. The blue trail in the bike park in Kasina was definitely scarier, but more on that later ;) In the Air section, huge jumps. Actually only tabletops, but so large and steep that I preferred to avoid some.

I had definitely the best time on the blue and red trails and I would love to come back to this bike park :)

Photos Bike Garden Service, movies found on YouTube.

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