Wide, nice valleys, beautiful views from the top of the mountains and the best – 20 km downhill! It was my first biking trip in mountains and I have to repeat it :)

Reportedly there are over 800 km biking paths in Kitzbühel Alps. I spent there with my friends only few days so I know a small part of it but I hope I can help you plan your trip.

Usually we were biking until 1200 – 1700 m asl, we were leaving bicycles and further we were hiking on the top of the mountain. It let us make the most of this mountains and soak up the views from about 2400 m, where you wouldn’t be able to get by bike.

Großer Galtenberg

First bicycle and hiking trip worth to see leads from the town Brixlegg to the top of Großer Galtenberg (2424 m).

Don’t look at elevation numbers on Bikemap because my GPS Holux sometimes gets crazy. In fact, you start at about 500 m and you can get by bike to 1700 m so it’s 1200 m of ascent. First kilometres lead on asphalt road, until Inneralpbach, if I remember well. Later you will ride on gravel road which is quite steep on the last 300 m of ascent. From this point I was actually pushing my bike, not riding… From Farmkehralm Hochleger, where you have to leave your bike, you can make 5 km round trip to Großer Galtenberg.

Lovely views from the top and 20 km of downhill at your bicycle will compensate for hardships of climbing up :)

Krimml Waterfalls

With a height of 380 m it is the highest waterfall in Austria. Actually it consists of three waterfalls linked by short streams, so my imaginations of 380 m height wall of water didn’t come true, however it still makes impression.

You can get there by bike from a village Wald im Pinzgau.

You can see part of the waterfall from the bottom but I encourage to make round hiking trip and see the whole. It’s really worth it! Below you can see few photos but in the most spectacular places I didn’t make them, cause I was afraid my camera could get wet.

West side of the waterfall offers the best views and it’s probably one of the most touristy place in Austria. It was so crowded like the most popular trails in Tatras. East side, in contrast, is empty – I didn’t meet even one person going down this way, but also it’s not so spectacular trail. There are only three places where you can see the waterfall.

And if you want to see the whole 380 m of Krimml Waterfalls you have to climb by bike in direction to Königsleiten. This road is a place where you can see the waterfall in all its splendor.

If you still want more after 600 m of ascent, you can hike to Plattenkogel (2039 m), like me, or Westlicher Salzachgeier (2469 m), which was reached by my friends who I envy great condition ;)

The best part of the route starts from Königsleiten – almost 10 km of downhill on paved road. I reached there more than 60 km/h and I wanted more but good sense from the other side of my head was telling me “don’t kill yourself, don’t kill, break sometimes! break!” so I was breaking sometimes and I arrived to Wald happy and alive :)


Another trip which connects biking and hiking lets you see the views from the mount Schafsiedel (2447 m). We started in the town Brixen im Thale, rided by biking path to Hopfgarten and further through Kelchsau, by beautiful valley until 1200 m asl.

At this point we left bikes and went by hiking trail to the summit. In the middle of June there was still a bit snow in some places but we managed without winter equipment.


This bicycle and hiking trip starts the same as previous but on the crossing after gate you should go right not left.

You can ride by bike until 1450 m asl and from this point make great hike to the summit Torhelm (2494 m).

It was another perfect trip with long asphalt and gravel biking paths and easy hiking trail with gorgeous landscapes.

Round Nachtsöllberg

This trip we made only by bikes. We started in Brixen im Thale, rided through Westendorf and up on the slope of Fleiding and Gampenkogel.

Between about 1100 m and 1600 m asl it’s quite steep, for me too steep, so again I was walking not riding.

In Austria or at least in this region electric bikes are very popular. Many times we were overtaken by people on such bikes while we were struggling on normal bikes but it wouldn’t be so satisfying on e-bike!

Downhill, like always, made up for the hardships, however on this trail the pleasure of riding was in some places spoiled by gates which forces to stop and squeeze or shift over a bike.


Filzalmsee is a small pond just 5 km from Brixen im Thale. You can get there by bike however we went by foot.

Nothing special but views are nice and it’s good idea for a rest day. If you have children they will surely like playground by the pond and voracious fishes ;)

It was great holiday, with great people! However I have to admit, that after last downhill (after Torhelm) I breathed a sigh of relief that it was the last and I wouldn’t have more occasions to hurt myself. It was a gravel road with almost no cars but during riding down I forgot that “almost” doesn’t mean “none”… Just after a turn to my surprise I saw a small truck. I was riding about 30 km/h, it probably about 20 km/h so together it’s 50 and for a while I thought I would hit it! Glad we passed each other but it was close. Watch out!


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