Actually, “bike park” – in quotation marks, because there is no bike lift there, but there are cars with trailers for bicycles, thanks to which you can enjoy the descents without tiring yourself on the uphill sections. A great place for intermediate bikers, but beginners and more experienced riders will also find something for themselves there.

Srebrna Góra offers 26 km of trails (not including the uphill singletrack), most of which are at the red level. It’s harder to count the number of trails. Theoretically, there are 15 of them, but some are 3-4 km long, and some are 300 – 500 m long and are a link between one trail and another.

You can get to the top by bus or pick up for PLN 20 per entry. Cars stop at the place where most trails start.

srebrna góra enduro trails, pick up

Pickups and buses do not take electric bikes. For people on such bikes, entry to the trails costs PLN 30 / day, and you can ride it up on a single track or on a gravel road.

The big advantage of Srebrna Góra is that in spring, when the lifts in bike parks are not yet operational, or in autumn, when they are no longer operational, Srebrna Góra is open. I even went there once in January. It was warm, so they opened it for a while. The disadvantage, however, is that when other places are closed, Srebrna gets crowded and sometimes you have to wait half an hour to enter a car. But even on the most crowded days, around 2-3 p.m. it becomes more loose. First, people go for a burger or pizza, and then they go home.

And the burgers and pizza from the food truck in Srebrna are really good! There is also a bicycle rental, service center and a shop with clothes, protectors, etc., so everything you need.

srebrna góra, infrastructure

Of course, there’s also a skill park. There are three drops of different sizes, tables, a pumptruck, narrow footbridges, jumps and berms, so you can warm up well and practice overcoming obstacles that are on the trails.

skill park, enduro trails srebrna góra

Enduro MTB trails on Srebrna Góra

Let’s start with the easiest ones.

The easiest and longest trail is the Red Line (D). The only one that starts at the very top of Gołębia mount.

beginning of red line trail

In previous years, getting there required about 15 – 20 minutes of riding uphill from the place where the pickups/buses stop. This year there is a special bus that goes to the very top (at the same price).

The trail is 6 km long (including several short climbs) and is technically blue. It is not perfectly smooth, like for example most Glacensis Singletracks, but slowly everyone should be able to ride it and an ordinary mountain bike with or even without any shock absorber will be enough.

In the fall of 2023, the upper part of the trail was renovated and improved. There are now large berms there and the ride is much smoother and more pleasant than before. Below, in the first video you can see the upper part and in the second, the further descent.

At the end, trail D descends to Villa Hubertus, from where we have approximately 200 m of gentle asphalt uphill and the last section, which ends at the beginning of F (eFka) line. This trail is a little over 1 km long and is also blue, but for complete beginners it may seem steep in places. This is a fast trail with large berms and tabletops several meters long.

The next in terms of difficulty is A Line. It is almost 3.5 km long with a lot of berms and turns. You can ride slowly, but you can also gain more speed and jump on many small jumps.

enduro trails srebrna góra, line a

B Line is another descent of approximately 3 km long, a bit more difficult. The first part is especially difficult, with steep descents along the roots. The second part, however, has a completely different character – it is fast, flowy with a lot of jumps.

srebrna góra, b line

C Line is almost 4 km long, but includes several hundred meters of uphill. There are two characteristic places that keep many visitors of Srebrna Góra up at night ;)

The first one is a steep roll down with roots, which I rided down two years ago, when I was just starting to ride enduro, but a year later I was afraid to do it again because I had the impression that the roots were sticking out more and more.

The second place is a ravine where you have several obstacles one after the other – two terrain drops, a larger drop from the footbridge and two gaps. I only recently completed all of them.

And here’s the whole trail:

Already C is quite a difficult trail in places – I mean it’s a typical red mtb trail, but let’s move on to the more difficult ones.

A Line has three short variants: A1, A2 and A3. Below is my first ride on the A1, which didn’t go very well ;)

The A2 line begins with a roll down that looks much steeper in real life than in the photo below. For now, I don’t plan to ride it, especially since it is reportedly even more difficult further.

a2 line, srebrna góra

You also have to search for the A3 Line on YouTube, because it will definitely be a long time before I record a descent along it myself.

Apart from the main trails, there are several special stages on Srebrna Góra, i.e. trails where enduro competitions were held. Probably the easiest of them, although not that simple, is Chochoł Mały. This trail has three parts. The first two leave the C Line and return to it, and the third one leaves the CBA Line and reaches B. In the recording below, there’s only Chochoł Mały.

OS Chochoł Wielki is marked as black on Trailforks, but I was on it 2 years ago and I didn’t break my bones, but I was walking the bike in places ;)

The second part of Lisianka is also black. It leaves the A Line and enters the B Line. You need to know how to turn to go down it.

In addition, there is the OS Gąsiorek and the OS Ostróg. Both are almost 2 km long and located a bit away from other trails. The above-mentioned CBA is a traverse between trail C and trail B, and apart from that there is also the short C1, which, I don’t know how it happened, but I have never ridden it yet. And there is also the Kids Line, a small training area for children almost at the bottom (you can enter it from trail B or F).

I have already been to Srebrna Góra several times and I will definitely visit it many more times. Not only because it’s so close to Wrocław, but mainly because I really like the trails there :)


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