droga na mazurach

From Gdańsk to Warsaw by the biking trail Green 7

Green 7 (Zielona 7) is a bicycle route following on low-traffic roads between Warsaw and Gdańsk. I thought about riding it a long time ago and I finally made it.

The name of the trail comes from main road connecting Warsaw and Gdańsk which has number 7. It’s unofficial trail, I mean it isn’t marked so it’s recommended to download gpx. It is 400 km long and almost entirely leads along asphalt roads. By design it is a route from Warsaw to Gdansk, but I went in the opposite direction.

On Friday after work I got to Gdańsk by train, I spent the night in the hostel and the next day at 5:30 am I set off to Drwęck near Olsztynek, where I had planned accommodation.

Initially, the trail leads mainly along bicycle paths that led me to Sobieszewo, where I made the short brake on the beach.

plaża w sobieszewie
plaża w sobieszewie o poranku

I looked a while, took pictures and it was a pity to leave such an empty, quiet beach, but I had to go further.

A bit further, in Świbno we pass by ferry to Mikoszewo. At 8 am, zero cars, only cyclists :) The ferry runs every 30 min, and the cost of a ticket for a cyclist is PLN 5.

prom świbno - mikoszewo

On the way I used the GPS track taken from this page: www.zielona7.pl/trasa-mapa/ and only later I noticed that in the north of the country it is a little different from the map on this page: www.zielona7.pl/mapa/. According to the downloaded trail, I should get to Stegna and from there to Nowy Dwór Gdański. I did a little differently and in Jantar I turned onto a side road leading to Rybina.

A very pleasant fragment, in contrast to the road from Rybina to Nowy Dwór. A narrow and very busy road. Probably it would be better to bypass this city as shown at this second link. Fortunately, it’s only 10 km, after which you again enter a quiet road through the villages.

spokojna boczna droga
rzeka na trasie zielona 7

Behind Elbląg, there is a few kilometer long gentle uphill ride, followed by a slightly shorter downhill ride, and then up to the Olsztynek area almost all the time gentle ascents and descents.

droga zielona 7

A few kilometers before Pasłęk, my attention was caught by a small cat meowing by the tree. When I approached, it run away into the bushes, but I sat a little and it dared to approach. I couldn’t leave it there … I found the nearest animal shelter on the internet and although they were closing in 15 minutes, I managed to contact them and they came. If someone wants such a pretty kitty, it’s possible it is still waiting for its house ;)

bezdomny kotek

Further from Pasłęk the trail goes to Morąg and there begin the areas to which I have a great fondness. In my childhood, I spent every holiday with my grandmother and grandfather in Zawroty :) I had a plan to go round the area, sit by the lakes I had fun on, eat blackberries from the same bushes as 20 years ago… Unfortunately, the kitten, other breaks and too slow pace meant that it was too late for such attractions. However, if you have time, I recommend taking off the trail a bit and have a break at one of the surrounding lakes. There is a large tourist center in Kretowiny at Lake Narie, and if you prefer less crowded, more wild beaches, it is worth getting to Wilnowo (here) or to Kotkowo (here). Unless something has changed, but it used to be very nice there :)

In Zawroty the trail turns to Ostróda and leads through a very nice road in the forest.

In Ostróda it was already getting dark and a moment later it started to rain so I wanted to finish this trip as soon as possible. In Durąg I decided to ride off from Zielona 7 route and get to Gierzwałd along the route, according to Google Maps, 10 minutes faster. And it was a mistake, because after a few hundred meters the asphalt ended… And here another mistake, because it had been better to turn back… Instead of riding 12 km, I rode 10 km, but instead of asphalt, it was on uneven gravel, sand and cobblestones, partly uphill. It took me one hour to ride these 10 km and another hour for another 10 km on a similar terrain to farm stay in Drwęck. I arrived at 10:30 pm, took a quick shower and went sleep, because the next day I planned another 200 km, all the way to Warsaw.

The next day greeted me with fog.

I decided not to return to Gierzwałd by these cobblestones, but to go the other way through Lichtajny. There the road was definitely better, although also not completely paved. Along the way, I got to the beach in Mielno (6 km from Stębark, where Zielona 7 route goes) and soon it started raining… Although it was supposed to go away at night!

plaża w mielnie
jezioro mielno

After an hour of riding in a downpour intertwined with smaller rain, and looking at current forecasts, my motivation fell and I decided to go home by train from Działdowo. So in the end, I rode Zielona 7 only partially on that day.

I came back one week later :)

In the morning, I took a train to Działdowo and set off towards Mława. A bit before this city, in Mławka, it is worth to go off the route 2 km and get to the Ruda Lagoon. It was too early for me to rest there, but if you need it, I think it’s a good place for a break.

zalew ruda, rzeka mławka

After Mława you pass calves ;) and ride further south.


Initially, the pleasure of bike riding is spoiled by lorries passing from time to time, but after about 12 km in Bogurzynek the trail turns left and until Modlin you will ride on calm, not busy roads.

Almost the entire route continues on asphalt, although in Mdzewo it turns into a field and forest road, fortunately quite even.

droga leśna w mdzewie

The alternative is a busy paved road through Strzegowo.

Further on, Zielona 7 route leads through Budy Giżyńskie, but I think it is worth following the shortcut just like me. 2 km through the forest and then asphalt again, with a nice view of the Wkra river.

wiejska droga, zielona 7
rzeka wkra

And further through the villages, fields and forests, almost without cars.

leśna droga, zielona 7

Another nice place to rest is Joniec, where you can sit by the Wkra river, eat in a restaurant, have fun in the rope park and even rent kayaks.

From there it’s 20 km to Modlin, where unfortunately ends a nice trip among fields, forests, nature… You have to cross two bridges, where the views are nice, but it is difficult to look around if cars are ahead of you every now and there are no roadsides. Further the trail leads along 7 road, this normal, not green ;) Initially there is a bike path, then a frontage road along the highway, but still the noise and the view of cars is not what I like most during bike trips. With greenery, I met only such an animal :)


It is only in Łomianki where you can ride off this road and reach Warsaw by side roads and through the Młociny Forest (Las Młociński).

All in all, a very nice route!

If you like monuments and history, there are also several museums, small castles and pretty old towns along the way. I have always been more delighted with nature than buildings, which is why I didn’t waste time on it. You will find information at www.zielona7.pl.

Accommodation can also be found on the above page, although there are mostly either campings or hotels. If, like me, you prefer accommodation in rooms, but cheap, then you have to look for on your own (booking.com, nocowanie.pl or eholiday.pl) and you will probably have to get off the trail a little.


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