I visited La Plagne Bike Park during my August trip to the bike park in the 3 Valleys. On the last day, bored with the trails in Les 3 Vallees, we went to see another place and it was a very good choice. The trails in La Plagne have a different character and were more fun for me than in 3 Vallees.

La Plagne Bike Park is served by 3 lifts that give access to several short trails. In terms of the number and length of trails, it is much smaller than what the nearby 3 Valleys offer. It is definitely too small to go there from Poland for a week, but if you are in the area it is worth visiting for 1-2 days. Its advantage, like Les 3 Vallees, is the low bike pass price. A one-day ticket costs only 19 euros.

The longest lines in the La Plagne Bike Park are green and 4-5 km long. I haven’t ridden them in their entirety, only fragments of the access trails to the blue lines, but I suspect that from start to finish they are very easy, smooth routes that anyone can cope with.

The remaining trails are approximately 1.5 – 3 km long.

Blue trails in La Plagne Bike Park

One of the coolest blue trails in the La Plagne Bike Park is Blue Tomato. Wide berms and tabletops, that’s what I like!

I also liked D’Ana and Blue Canyon. They are marked as separate lines, but they run one after the other, so in practice they can be treated as one route, almost 3 km long. The first one is for jumping, while the second one has an interesting narrow gorge. I don’t know if it’s just me or others who notice it, but I liked the nature aspect of La Plagne. Interesting rocks, riding among low trees and bushes… it’s just nice there :)

The remaining blue lines are not so interesting. Chinook is just a flow trail with berms.

There is also the Comanche trail, which is a link between one lift and the other, and there is nothing interesting on it either.

Red trails in La Plagne Bike Park

There are two red lines. The more interesting one is Thunderbolt. I only rode it once and I regret that I didn’t have time for more, because there are a few obstacles on it that I could work on and jump a little further.

Redskins is shorter and runs partially together with Blue Tomato. I don’t know why, but it didn’t recorded, so I’m sharing someone else’s recording. I remember it as steep berms with huge washboards. Actually, on every trail there were large washboards that spoiled my riding pleasure, but the most annoying ones were on Redskins.

Black trail in La Plagne Bike Park

There is only one black trail, it is called X’trem Canyon. I didn’t even try to ride it, because I saw from the lift that it wasn’t for me. You must have jumping skills on it, because some gaps are impossible to bypass. See this video:

And that’s all La Plagne has to offer. If you like flow trails to jump on, I think you will have a great time there (although they are not as good as in Dolni Morava, Czech Republic). However, if you are interested in downhill trails with roots and stones, there is no reason to come to La Plagne.


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