Do you like mushrooms? What about mushroom rocks? :) It’s aggregation of rocks which shape resembles mushrooms, in Stołowe Mountains (Table mountains). Close to this area you can see also the peat bog Niknąca Łąka – another attraction of this National Park.

Skalne Grzyby (Mushroom Rocks) and Niknąca Łąka (Vanishing Meadow) are both interesting places and they aren’t so popular and crowded as Errant Rocks which I described previously.

Skalne Grzyby are sandstone rocks in original shapes which are distributed in area about 2 km. Some of them really look like mushrooms.

mushroom rock

Niknąca Łąka is the peat bog which you can see walking on wooden footbridge. I’m not good at botany, but I’ve read there are many unique plant species, some of them under strict protection. What I liked there most, was light and shadows in the afternoon. I did many photos there but unfortunately most of them didn’t come out well. This is the best I did :)

vanishing meadow

How to get to these places?

Me and my boyfriend decided to get there from village Duszniki-Zdrój. I marked this trip on

I can recommend this route if you like wild paths and thickets ;)

The trail starts at old building of railway station, which looks like it doesn’t work but in fact it works ;)

duszniki zdrój railway station poland

After about 30o m you should turn right to yellow trail. On the beginning it’s well marked but further, in Złotno village we had big problems in finding it. The trail made impression as nobody was there for weeks. It’s just a meadow and forest and it’s difficult to spot signs.

złotno village poland

If you prefer more often frequented paths and better marked, probably it would be better to start in village Batorów, Wambierzyce or Karłów. From these points the route would be also shorter. Our was 24 km long and from other villages you can make about 15 km long hike and still see the best places. However, without a car it’s easier to get to Duszniki.


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