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zieleniec, rock garden

Bike parks on hardtail – spot 3: Zieleniec

Family Bike Park Zieleniec is known as a place for beginners, boring for advanced. Indeed, most of the trails are for people with low skills, but it seems to me that you need to have high skills to take full advantage of these trails. Especially the new Crazy Dad.

krucze skały, karpacz

Karpacz – an area for beginner climbers near Sokoliki

Krucze Skały in Karpacz is a small climbing area, but rich in bolted routes in the IV – VI range. For people climbing at this level, it can be a good alternative to crowded Sokoliki.

slotwiny bike park

Bike parks on hardtail – spot 2: Słotwiny Arena (Krynica-Zdrój)

One of the best spots I have had the pleasure to visit. Smaller and larger tabletops on smoothed routes give the opportunity to fly both less and more experienced and provide great fun also on a hardtail.

warta gravel

Warta Gravel 2021 – report from the race

Warta Gravel is a 400-kilometer long ultra-distance bicycle race in Wielkopolska (Greater Poland). My first competition and the first such long distance in one go. A varied route, nice landscapes, good weather and my good result made it a very successful two days :)

czeska szwajcaria

By bike and on foot through Bohemian Switzerland

Recently, I had the pleasure of taking a great 4-day trip from Jelenia Góra in Poland to Zgorzelec (Görlitz), through the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. We rode with my friend 330 km and walked 23 km, enjoying beautiful views of interesting rock formations, pleasant bicycle trails and several great descents :)


Wrocław – Kołobrzeg by bicycle: day 6

The last 115 km to our destination we traveled along the Old Railway Trail, almost entirely on asphalt, without cars. In the evening, as planned, we got to Kołobrzeg and spent the entire next day relaxing by the sea :)

ścieżka nad jeziorem ińsko

Wrocław – Kołobrzeg by bicycle: day 5

From Ińsko, where we spent the night, to Kołobrzeg there was only about 100 km the shortest way, but why take the shortest, when there are so many beautiful places along the way :) Therefore, on the fifth day, instead of going as far north as possible, we turned east to pass through Drawsko Landscape Park.

okolice łęczyna na rowerze

Wrocław – Kołobrzeg by bicycle: day 4

On that day, the weather did not encourage long bicycle trips. Transient but heavy rains, also with hail, appeared throughout the day, so we shortened the route from the planned 114 km to 96 km and rode almost all of it on the paved roads.

polna droga

Wrocław – Kołobrzeg by bicycle: day 3

The route on the third day of the trip to Kołobrzeg assumed a ride through the Sieraków Landscape Park and the Noteć Forest. The distance was not long – about 100 km, but a large part of the route led along dirt and gravel roads. There were also a lot of small climbs and descents.

wielkopolski park narodowy

Wrocław – Kołobrzeg by bicycle: day 2

On the second day of our bicycle trip to the sea, we planned to go through the Chłapowski Landscape Park and National Park of Greater Poland and accommodation at Bytyń Lake. We had the longest daily distance ahead of us, but everyone was full of energy :)

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