Reportedly Priečne sedlo (2352 m) is one of the most difficult trails in Tatra National Park. Exposure, chains, steepness etc… That’s why I couldn’t wait to climb there. And that’s why I was disappointed when I got there.

We started our trip at Zamkovského chata. In the morning we set out by green trail in direction to Téryho chata – another mountain hut which is a good starting point if you think of going to Priečne sedlo. It’s about 3 km from Zamkovského chata and 540 m higher. Both shelters are one of a few in Slovakia, where supply is delivered only by humans, called in Slovakian “nosič“.

nosic to teryho chata in slovakia

As I read, their luggage weighs usually 60 – 80 kg and the record cargo which was delivered to Chata pod Rysmi (2250 m, the highest shelter in Tatras) was 116 kg. Can you imagine it? For me 10 kg is much ;)

From Téryho chata you should go by yellow trail and in about one hour you will get to the beginning of part which is secured by chains. It was Wednesday in September and I was surprised how many tourists where there. I read it’s one of the most popular trails in Slovakian Tatras and that’s evidently true.

priecne sedlo slovakia

I was disappointed by this trail because I was expecting a challenge. I like when a trail causes me difficulties – the bigger difficulties, the bigger satisfaction when you do it. Here, to make it a bit more challenging I decided to get to the top without using chains, and I managed it without struggle. We climbed to the top in half an hour.

I mean, I’m not saying it’s easy trail. If you are beginner or have fear of heights, Priečne sedlo would be hard for you. Obviously, you can die there. You can fall down or a stone can fall on you. I think it’s good to have a helmet there. Actually, I was the only tourist with helmet on this trail but it can really save your life in case of accident. However, if you have experience in via ferratas grade A or B, or in hiking on other trails secured by chains in High Tatras, it probably wouldn’t cause you difficulties.

priecne sedlo slovakia

In my opinion, Prielom (2288 m) is more difficult than Priečne sedlo. I was there previuos in July, when there was still much snow (I described this trip in a post Polish Comb at Slovakia). It gave us a hard time and this time we wanted to check how it looks like in a summer. I can admit, that even without snow, it’s still quite demanding trail, however shorter than Priečne sedlo.

prielom in tatra mountains in slovakia

We didn’t have time to climb Polish Comb this time so we returned by blue trail to Zamkovského chata. On the way we passed Zbojnicka Chata and I was wondering about stopping to eat lunch as I was already very hungry but I decided not to waste time and eat in Zamkovského chata where we have already paid for a dinner.

We were walking very fast, traces of a bear that we saw on a wooden bridge motivated us to be even faster but we got to the hut only at ca. 8:30 pm. Imagine my disappointment when the staff told us they no longer have a dinner. But I paid! During check in previous day they asked us if we want to take advantage of their meals offer and we ordered breakfasts and a dinner and paid. Nobody warned us what time they close a kitchen and we didn’t expect it could be so early. Instead of a dinner they offered us only a sausage with bread. I didn’t want to quarrel but in my opinion it wasn’t nice of them.

However the staff didn’t spoil the pleasure of a route. It was a long trip, with amazing landscapes and great weather. See our trip below or at, and if you have the opportunity, check this route by your own :)


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