Quéntar is quiet village 15 km from Granada. I spent there only two nights, during my journey to Sierra Nevada Mountains. It’s not the best place to stay if you think of hiking in this mountains but I recommend this if you just want to spend some time out of city.

My target was actually Sierra Nevada National Park but in Quéntar I found great and cheap guesthouse – Fundalucia – and this why I decided to stay there. I regret a little that I chose this village because it’s too far from Sierra Nevada but I don’t regret I chose Fundalucia. If you look for a cheap and cosy place with English speaking staff, it’s the best place!

Quéntar is simillar to other villages in this region of Andalusia. White houses, peace and narrow streets. You can easy get there by a bus from Granada.


Quéntar Lake (Quéntar Reservoir) is located 4 km east of the village. I did hiking trip to this point but it’s also good for biking.

quentar andalusia

When I came to the lake I was a bit disappointed. I’ve seen in internet beautiful photos with people by the water but in fact, I didn’t find any path down to water… Maybe it is somewhere but not well marked.

So I just walked on the street, one and then other direction, really regreting that I didn’t have a bike. Smooth asphalt (which is not so common in Poland), beautiful views, mild hills and no traffic – it would be perfect place for biking. Maybe next time :)

See several of my photos and wait for another post. I will describe my trip from Quéntar to Vereda de la Estrella in Sierra Nevada National Park – that was an adventure!


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