Skolnity is a small bike park in Wisła with three flow trails of varying difficulty. Labeled as green, blue and red, but I would say it’s green, red and black. Bikers who like to jump several meters will definitely have fun there.

The easiest trail in the Skolnity Bike Park (Zielony Zygzak – Green Zig Zag) is really easy. It’s just a path with turns, gentle berms and small rollers here and there. Over 3 km of pleasant descent that everyone can handle.

Niebieska Fala (Blue Wave) is a whole different level. It is a typical flow trail, i.e. a smooth trail with berms and jumps. Theoretically, you don’t have to jump because there are no gaps, but some tabletops are so large and have a steep enough take-off that people who have never jumped on a bike before may be afraid to even ride them. In other bike parks, trails with such large jumps are marked red.

The trail has two variants at the end. Line A, which turns left, and line B, which goes straight. The latter is easier. These are large and wide berms, ending with a large table. So big that every time I braked before it, even when I told myself that I wouldn’t do it this time;)

Line A has jumps of several meters, some of which have a take-off higher than the landing, and if you don’t jump over them but land on a flat surface, it’s really hard.

Czerwona Strzała (Red Arrow) is the hardest. This is not a completely smooth trail. It partly runs over roots and stones, but that’s not the most difficult thing. These natural fragments have the difficulty typical of red trails, but jumps… A few meters of gaps! Actually you can bypass every jump, but I would still give this trail a black color.

I only rode on Red Arrow once, of course bypassing all the gaps. On the second descent, I would probably have jumped from three small drops, which scared me when I was riding without knowing the trail, but the rest of the features were not for me at all.

So there is actually no blue trail in the Skolnity Bike Park. I can recommend this bike park to people who do not ride bike parks on a daily basis or are just starting to learn to ride MTB. You can rent a bike, ride along the green trail, and if you have children of several years old, they will probably like the playground and the farm with alpacas and a donkey. You don’t have to worry about having a problem hanging your bike on the chairlift, because that’s what the lift service is for. This is a plus, because not every bike park offers such assistance.

alpacas and donkey

I can also recommend Skolnity to bikers who can jump well and overcome obstacles several meters long. If you don’t do it perfectly yet, but you already have some experience with jumping tabletops, that’s OK too. At Niebieska Fala you will have fun and learn a lot. But if you’re just starting to learn how to jump on a bike, I know better places for you. For example, Dolni Morava or Koprivna in the Czech Republic, and from places closer to Wisła, Enduro Trails Bielsko-Biała and the bike park in Szczyrk.


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