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Sudetes is a mountain range lying mainly in south-western Poland and northern Czech Republic. It is divided into among others Śnieżnik Mountains, Stołowe Mountains (called also Table Mountains), Owl Mountains and Karkonosze, which contain the highest peak of Sudetes – Śnieżka (1603 m). Read my posts about my hiking trips in Stołowe Mountains.

mushroom rocks

Mushroom Rocks in Stołowe Mountains National Park

Do you like mushrooms? What about mushroom rocks? :) It’s aggregation of rocks which shape resembles mushrooms, in Stołowe Mountains (Table mountains). Close to this area you can see also the peat bog Niknąca Łąka – another attraction of this National Park.

table mountains

1 day in Stołowe Mountains and 3 interesting places

Stołowe Mountains (Table Mountains) is low mountain range in Sudetes, characterised by unusual rock formations. I propose you 28 km hike, during which you will see one of the best places in Stołowe Mountains National Park.

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