On the beginning of September I spent with my friend few days in Slovakia, hiking on the most difficult trails. Our first point was Jahňací štít (Lamb Summit) which is 2229 m high.

Belianske Tatras is a mountain range in the Eastern Tatras. Most of the area is protected and there are only few trails available for tourists. One of them is red trail from Ždiar to Kopské sedlo.

Ždiar is a small peaceful village with traditional architecture.

zdiar slovakia

It’s located close to border with Poland and it’s a good point for starting trip in Belianske Tatras however it’s not very easy to get there from Poland without a car. We took a bus from Kraków to Bukowina Tatrzańska and from Bukowina Tatrzańska we were planning to take another bus to Zdiar. We found in internet a timetable of private busline Strama, but it goes only 5 times a day. We thought that it’s impossible that there’s only 5 connections a day and that certainly there are also other private buses which aren’t in internet. It turned out there isn’t anything more. Supposedly there are some other buses from Łysa Polana which is on the border. We didn’t want to wait 2 hours for a bus so we started to thumb a lift but anyone stopped. After about 20 minutes came a small private bus which was going to Palenica Białczańska through Łysa Polana. We thought we would go to Łysa Polana and check other connections from this village but because we were the only customers, the driver agreed to change direction and took us to Zdiar.

We spent one night in Zdiar (I can recommend Penzion Ždiaran) and in the morning we went out in direction to Jahňací štít.

You can see our trip below. Check also mapa-turystyczna.pl were you can find all tourist trails.

We went out very early, at about 5:30 am. The sun was already rising up which let me to make some nice photos :)

belianske tatras

The trail leading through Belianske Tatras is very easy. On my map there is one place marked as difficult but we even didn’t realise this point. I think it was a point secured by chain but there isn’t big exposure, it’s just one steep stone in a forest. Probably it’s slippery during rain and that’s why holding a chain is sometimes a facilitation there. However there’s nothing to be afraid of even if you have fear of heights.

What I liked in Belianske Tatras is that it’s full of Tatra chamoises. Everywhere in Tatras you can come across chamoises but in this part there’s probably the largest population.

chamois in belianske tatras

More difficult part of trail starts from Chata pri Zelenom Plese (Mountain Hut by Green Lake), which is already other mountain range – High Tatras. If you plan to climb Jahňací štít, you will certainly visit this hut as there’s only one way to this summit and it starts by this hut. We planned to book accommodation for a night, leave heavy things and climb Jahňací štít with light rucksacks. We weren’t sure if there would be free places in the hut. We wanted to stay there one day before, on Saturday and we stayed in Zdiar because in this and few other mountain huts everything has been already booked few days before. Fortunately on Sunday there are always less tourists and we found accommodation in 6-person room. We were very satisfied. It’s a tight room with only mattresses but we didn’t need luxury and we were happy we paid only 14 euros or so, with breakfast. We were alone in this room because 4 persons who have booked it, didn’t come. And the breakfast was great! A buffet with bread, cheese, a ham, milk, yogurt, cereals and other things, including even cakes. The best breakfast I have eaten in mountain huts.

But before we ate breakfast we climbed Jahňací štít :) It’s about 2,5 hours from Chata pri Zelenom Plese. It’s good to have sure-footedness and a head for heights in this trail however it’s not very difficult. I would call it medium comparing to other hiking trails in Tatra Mountains.

There’s only one trail to the summit which means you have to go down the same way. However it’s worth to climb to the top to see amazing landscapes. You can see from the summit the highest peaks of Belianske Tatras – Havran, Ždiarska Vidla, Nový and Muráň. All of them are not available for tourists.

belianske tatras view from jahnaci stit


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