The best via ferrata I climbed during my journey in Austria in June. It was a challenge for me, but I didn’t have to struggle to do it. It also offers great views and is pretty long.

It was my first day in Austria, when I didn’t have to hike with full backpack. I decided to stay 2 days in the same hut (Habsburghaus) and with light backpack quickly go to Haid-Steig and then Teufelsbadstubensteig and Alpenvereinsteig. These two I was planning to do the previous day, but I was forced to change my plan.

In the morning I knew I have to revise my plans again. I woke up with cold and I knew I was to weak to implement my ambitious plan. I took a pill and slowly go to Haid-Staig. Teufelsbadstubensteig and Alpenvereinsteig eventually I didn’t visit during my journey and I regret it a bit, because I’ve read they are very attractive. Fortunately Haid-Steig is attractive too :)

I was descending Preinerwandsteig and then ascending Haid-Steig. Both are located in close proximity. Preinerwandsteig has grade only B but in the upper part of this trail I was surprised by its difficulty. There aren’t metal cables and the path is full of small stones on which it is easy to slip. And in some points a slip can end up sliding tens metres down.


The path secured by cables starts in lower part of the trail, when it’s a bit steeper.


It took me 2 hours from the starting point of Preinerwandsteig to the starting point of Haid-Steig.

Haid-Steig, which is grade D (or C/D, depending on the source) is 400 m wall, full of vertical exposed parts. According to my guidebook it tooks 1:45h to climb it, but I, in my slow pace and with breaks, climb it in 3 hours.

There are two high ladders which made me a big pleasure. I love looking down :)


I have to admit that in many parts of Haid-Steig I was cheating and holding metal line instead of rocks like real climber but nonetheless it was enough challenging for me ;)

I think that images can say more than words so just look at this short movie of landscape and my photos from this day.


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