Czarna Hańcza is popular waterway in Podlaskie Province. It’s calm river, suitable for beginner kayakers and those who like relax and contact with nature.

If you travel there in July as we did, you will meet many mute swans with offspring. We have seen also mallards and grebe, and if you have more luck than we, maybe you will see kingfisher, otter or muskrat. There are also many fish species and some of them are under strict protection.

We started our trip in Magdalenowo close to Suwałki and we finished in Jazy at Augustów Canal. It was about 25 km every day. We spent a night in Frącki in small and old wooden houses. Don’t expect luxury there but it’s in the middle of trail so it’s a good point and there is a bar where you can eat dinner. There are also a few campsites at the river.

That’s me :)

kayak czarna hancza poland

And this is Artur <3

kayak czarna hancza poland

We were with group of about 20 persons and we rented kayaks from I don’t know if they speak English but in internet you will find a few kayak rentals in English.

On the end of trip we kayaked through Mikaszówka Lock. It’s one of over a dozen locks at Augustów Canal. They were built in first half of 19th century and they are promoted as tourist attraction but I personally didn’t find it attractive. You’re just waiting, water is bubbling than the door is opening and you’re kayaking further.

mikaszówka lock poland augustów canal

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