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szlak turonia

Turoń Trail – by bicycle around Wrocław

Szlak im. doktora Bronisława Turonia (Trail named after Bronisław Turoń) is a yellow hiking trail, about 180 km long and running around Wrocław. Most of it runs on asphalt, good gravel, forest and dirt roads. It’s worth the ride!

single track strzelin, S1

Single tracks on Strzelin Hills

Already a few years ago I had planned to ride the Lower Silesian singles one day, but until I moved from Warsaw to Wrocław, it was still out of my way. Now, with the advent of spring, I am starting my sightseeing, and the first one were Single Tracks Strzelin.

rowerem wzdłuż bugu warszawa

Five 100 km bicycle routes east of Warsaw

I like bicycle routes leading away from cars and close to nature. I like to speed up on the asphalt, but my love of nature often pulls me to more difficult terrain. I like to explore new places and often only roughly plan the route. Also often it turns out that the route was very nice. See some of my memories and suggestions for one-day bike trips.

widok na rzekę bug

Bike Trail by the River Bug – Lublin part

A few months ago I wrote about my impressions of the Masovian part of the Bug River Bike Trail. Now it’s time for the next part, two days by bike in the Lublin region!

odcinek krwawej pętli, rower

Bloody Loop – 270 km MTB bike route around Warsaw

Krwawa Pętla (Bloody Loop), is a bicycle route that runs along the hiking trails around Warsaw. It is said that to mark it as done, you should ride it in 24 hours. Recently also I took up this challenge.

kładka w narwiańskim parku narodowym

Obstacle course in Narew National Park or floating platforms, me and a bike

Long June days are the perfect time for day and night bike tours. After 2 am it starts to get bright and still for a long time it will be empty everywhere. This time, after checking the forecasts and rail connections, I chose the route Białystok – Warsaw, which I had been thinking about for some time.

rzeka bug

Bike Trail by the River Bug – Mazovian part

Bike Trail by the River Bug (Nadbużański Szlak Rowerowy) is 420 km long and runs through Mazovian, Podlaskie and Lublin Voivodeship, between Wyszków and Hrubieszów. Recently, I traveled the Mazovian part of the trail. Read how it was!

droga na mazurach

From Gdańsk to Warsaw by the biking trail Green 7

Green 7 (Zielona 7) is a bicycle route going on low-traffic roads between Warsaw and Gdańsk. I thought about riding it a long time ago and I finally made it.

rock climbing in sokoliki

Climbing in Poland: Sokoliki and Rudawy

Sokoliki (also called Sokoły or Góry Sokole) and Rudawy Janowickie are two areas in Poland which can be actually treated as one region, as they are very close to each other. They’re located in south-west of Poland, about 15 km from the town Jelenia Góra.

climbing jura, poland

Climbing in Poland: Jura

There are two major climbing areas in Poland: Sokoliki / Rudawy which I will describe in next article, and Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska, located between cities Kraków and Częstochowa.

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