tatra mountains in winter

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English-Polish bicycle dictionary

Poland has plenty of great bicycle trails. If you plan to visit Poland by bike, bicycle terminology can be useful. The dictionary contains only some words now, but I will add more.

trasy enduro srebrna góra, a1 dreamworkers

Enduro Trails Srebrna Góra – bike park closest to Wrocław

Actually, “bike park” – in quotation marks, because there is no bike lift there, but there are cars with trailers for bicycles, thanks to which you can enjoy the descents without tiring yourself on the uphill sections. A great place for intermediate bikers, but beginners and more experienced riders will also find something for themselves there.

trailcenter rabenberg

Trailcenter Rabenberg – German singletrack network

Trailcenter Rabenberg is a singletrack network near the Czech border. The trails have a natural character and are mostly easy. If you just want to ride a bike in the hills, I recommend it, but don’t expect too much ;)

sandborading w merzouga

Sandboarding in Morocco (Merzouga) – what it really looks like

Merzouga is a small village near the Erg Chebbi desert, which is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Morocco. There you can, among others: ride camels, spend the night in tents in the desert, ride over the dunes in an off-road car or try sandboarding, a desert version of snowboarding. This last one sounded the most interesting to me.

tatry zimą

First time in mountains in winter – what you should remember

The mountains are beautiful in winter, but if we do not prepare properly for the hike, it may become a torment rather than a pleasure. I also know this from my own experience ;)

trail park klinovec

Trail Park Klínovec – bike park for those who like speed

If you like long, fast, flow trails, you must visit Klínovec in the Czech Republic. I was especially delighted with the eight-kilometer Rubin trail. However, there are also plenty of attractions for lovers of natural trails.

plesivec bike park

TrailPark Plešivec – bike park for advanced enduro riders, but not only

TrailPark Plešivec is a Czech bike park located near the German border, where riders who like steep, natural trails will have the best fun. However, enthusiasts of easy flow trails and rock gardens will also find something for themselves there.

pętla srebrna, bystrzyckie singletracki

New MTB trails close to Świdnica – Bystrzyca Singletracks, enduro trails and skill park

This year, Bystrzyca Górna has become a new, although small, but interesting biking area. Three singletracks were built there, a skill park was developed in nearby Lubachów, and local riders created natural enduro trails.

bike park la plagne

La Plagne – french bike park with flow trails

I visited La Plagne Bike Park during my August trip to the bike park in the 3 Valleys. On the last day, bored with the trails in Les 3 Vallees, we went to see another place and it was a very good choice. The trails in La Plagne have a different character and were more fun for me than in 3 Vallees.

single track glacensis

Singletrack Glacensis – over 200 km of MTB trails in Lower Silesia

Singletrack Glacensis is a system of bicycle routes in the Kłodzko region. Almost 30 loops of various lengths and difficulties give a total of approximately 230 km of trails dedicated to bikers. Read about my favorite routes and find out if it’s something for you.

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