Family Bike Park Zieleniec is known as a place for beginners, boring for advanced. Indeed, most of the trails are for people with low skills, but it seems to me that you need to have high skills to take full advantage of these trails. Especially the new Crazy Dad.

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Zieleniec is a popular ski resort in Duszniki-Zdrój, where a bike park was created in 2021. At the end of the 2022 season, there were 5 trails in it. 4 easy flow trails and one short but difficult downhill trail.

Bike Park Zieleniec – Sztos trail

The easiest trail in Zieleniec. Beginners, including small children, should be able to handle it. At the same time, riding on sharp berms, rollers and tabletops will be an interesting challenge for them. Riders with more skills can use tabletops and other obstacles to fly a bit, as shown by the rider in the video below.

However, it can be boring for riders who already have some skills, but not large, like me. I would like to jump, but there aren’t any obstacles for me… I avoid the stone drop at the very beginning, because I see that I will not make it to the landing, and I don’t like landing on a flat surface with a hardtail. A bit further, I also avoid the jump over the tree, because I imagine that I will land the rear wheel on this tree. I can’t send tabletops because I have too little speed before them…

Bike Park Zieleniec – Bom-Bel trail

The second trail in Zieleniec marked as “easy”. In the lower part it connects with the Zig-Zag trail. In my opinion, it’s a bit harder than Sztos due to some berms, especially those when combined with Zig-Zag. But I like it better than Sztos. It’s smoother and allows you to gain some nice speed. If you can, you can also get off the ground here and there.

Recording by someone with similar skills to mine:

Bike Park Zieleniec – Zig-Zag trail

The trail is marked as “medium”, but in my opinion it is not much more difficult than Bom-Bel. Especially that they connect with each other and in the section with very sharp turns, which can be a big challenge for beginners.

The drop, which is approached from the connector between the Patataj and Zig-Zag trails, is interesting. You can see it in 1 minute of the video below. For now, I just looked at it, because I don’t like that the landing is on the berm, i.e. is tilted to the side, not down.

Further on, between about 4 and 4:40 minutes you can see a long straight with a few jumps. I avoid them for now, but the video below shows how you can use this trail in a fun way, if you ride better.

An interesting variation is also a very easy wall, visible in 1:50 min. It may look scary for beginners, but seriously, it’s nothing difficult. Just slow down before entering the forest right behind the wallride, because there the creators of the trail have prepared another attraction, namely a short section with stones.

Bike Park Zieleniec – Patataj trail

The second line marked “medium”. I have the impression that it is the most difficult of the four, but if you are able to ride Sztos and Bom-Bel, even slowly, but without fear, I think that you will also be able to ride Patataj.

Apart from the berms, which are quite steep in places, there are a few tabletops on the trail. Unfortunately, I can’t jump over them because I can’t gain enough speed in front of them. In general, I have the impression that some of them are made just where it is slightly uphill…

This is how I’ll have fun when I learn to ride better ;)

Bike Park Zieleniec – Crazy Dad trail

The trail was built in the second half of 2022. For now, it connects to the Zig-Zag route at the bottom of that trail, but it is to be routed all the way down.

Unlike the other trails, which are smoothed and therefore perfect for a hardtail, the Crazy Dad has a natural character. Also doable on a hardtail, but requires much more skill than the other 4 lines. There are a lot of roots, it is steep in places and there are two steep sections that do not have a chickenline.

The first one easier:

bike park zieleniec, crazy dad

and the second one more difficult, because the easiest line goes straight to the tree.

My attempt to send it ended like this ;)

And here’s the whole trail, recorded by someone with more skills ;)

Family Bike Park Zieleniec – for who?

I can definitely recommend Zieleniec to beginners and families with children. Just don’t go to Crazy Dad ;)

Personally, however, I felt that I would have had more fun there if I had more skills. I’m at a level where I’m starting to get bored of just riding smooth trails. I really like to take the wheels off the ground, but for that I need an obstacle that is easy to jump off and that forgives mistakes. Unfortunately, there are very few of them in Zieleniec. It is much better in this respect in Dolni Morava and Słotwiny.

People who already have great skills, I think, can get a lot of fun from Zieleniec. As long as they are not followers of only natural trails. For such riders, there is only the short Crazy Dad for now.

As the map below shows, however, there are plans for more trails (marked in red dots).

I’m very curious what it will be. Personally, I miss the natural trail, but a bit easier than Crazy Dad, and the flow trail, with a lot of tabletops, but located in such places that you can easily jump off.

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