Sokoliki (also called Sokoły or Góry Sokole) and Rudawy Janowickie are two areas in Poland which can be actually treated as one region, as they are very close to each other. They’re located in south-west of Poland, about 15 km from the town Jelenia Góra.

It’s a great region for trad climbing, but sport climbing is also possible.

It’s not so big region as Jura, which I described in previous post but I like it more. Firstly, the friction is good so you don’t have to be afraid all time that you will slip and secondly the views are beautiful. From the top of some rocks you can see Karkonosze Mountains and surrounding forests which are the most beautiful in autumn.

Similar to Jura, the majority of rocks are low, but there are also a few 30 – 60 m and 2- and 3-pitches routes are available.

In Sokoliki the most popular crags are Sukiennice and Krzywa Turnia. It’s the biggest aggregation of bolted routes but there are also many trad routes, including multi-pitches. I also liked Sokolik Duży and Jastrzębia Turnia.

In Rudawy the crags are scattered in a greater space and they are usually less crowded than Sokoliki. I still don’t know this area well but I have visited and can recommend Skalny Most which offers routes up to 45 m, Ścianki with a few routes on level V – VI+ and Starościńska Skała which offers not common in Poland friction climbing.

The most popular places for accommodation in this area are campsites: “9up” and “Tabor pod Krzywą”, and mountain hut “Szwajcarka”. All of them are located closer to Sokoliki and approach time is about 15 – 30 minutes. To reach the crags in Rudawy it can take 30 – 60 minutes. I also recommend Bar Karioka in Karpniki village which is a great place for a lunch after climbing day and it also offers accommodation.


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