I like bicycle routes leading away from cars and close to nature. I like to speed up on the asphalt, but my love of nature often pulls me to more difficult terrain. I like to explore new places and often only roughly plan the route. Also often it turns out that the route was very nice. See some of my memories and suggestions for one-day bike trips.

From Siedlce to Warsaw by bicycle

From Siedlce but actually from Stare Opole (train station Sabinka), because we agreed with friends that a few kilometers through the city it’s not worth to ride. The route runs along low-traffic asphalt roads, forest, gravel and field roads and through several nature reserves: Stawy Broszkowskie Nature Reserve, Przełom Witówki Nature Reserve, Rudka Sanatoryjna Nature Reserve, Jedlina Nature Reserve, Bagno Pogorzel Nature Reserve, Świder Nature Reserve and finally Las Kabacki Nature Reserve. Lots of greenery, silence and a bit of blue at the ponds :) A total of 120 km, but you can easily shorten it by ending at the train station in Otwock.

From Warsaw to Siedlce by bicycle

The other way, but of course a different route. Only the beginning is similar. Through Las Kabacki and Konstancin to the Gassy-Karczew ferry. That day I got on my bike after 4 am, when it was just starting to get light and what I remember most about this trip is the beautiful morning mist over Lake Torfy in the Mazowiecki Landscape Park. The undisturbed white surface of water in the rays of the sun looked magical!

jezioro torfy, mazowiecki park krajobrazowy

Then I was riding a very diverse terrain. In some places I could ride only 7 km / h, because of the grass and holes and in other places the smooth and empty asphalt allowed for a very pleasant, fast ride. At the end I was still hungry for riding bike, so I did a circle around Siedlce and returned by train from the Sabinka station.

South side of Bug river to Wyszków by bicycle

Definitely the most difficult one described here, but a very beautiful bike route. I started at the Trocka metro station and, breaking through the sands in the Słupecka Forest Nature Reserve, I reached the Zegrze Lake. Then I tried to go as close to the Bug River as possible as far as Wyszków. It was pleasant to ride in some places, but there were also a lot of grassy and sandy sections. Thick tires will undoubtedly come in handy on this bike route.

I recommend the route as a bike trip on a hot day. There are at least a few places for a swim along the way. There is also a crossing of Fiszor – a branch of the Bug, which was a pleasure in the heat that prevailed at that time.

From Wyszków, another 20 km on not very busy asphalt roads to Tłuszcz and return to Warsaw by train.

North side of Bug river from Wyszków to Serock by bicycle

I started this bike trip at the Urle railway station. I was planning to go to Wyszków through the forest, but the annoying deer keds quickly drove me out of there, so I went through Kamieńczyk on the asphalt road. Then I tried to ride as close as possible to the Bug river, but this time on the northern side. There were more asphalt and good dirt roads on this side, but there were also grassy, impassable sections in places and beautiful views along the river itself. There was also a river crossing, which in the autumn temperature was not as pleasant as it was on the other side two months earlier ;)

After crossing the Narew river, I entered the bicycle path leading through Serock on the river itself and the Zegrze Lake. Then, for a few kilometers, you have to enter a busy road to get to Nieporęt and from there along the bicycle path along the Żerań Canal to Warsaw.

At the end of my route, already in Warsaw in Żerań, you’d better not look and follow this trail. I rode there along the tracks many times, but this time the flooded tunnel made me pass it by the path seen on the map. But this is probably not a public path. In the dark, I couldn’t see where I was, but at some point I started to wonder if I was riding in some private industrial area or construction site and the dogs that ran out from the gate and started chasing me I didn’t like at all … It’s good that I have gas for such situations ;)

Along Rządza river by bicycle

Rządza is a small river, about 66 km long. Its source is located near Kałuszyn and it flows into the Narew by the Zegrze Lake. Along its course, as well as along the Bug, you can probably make two interesting bicycle routes, because according to the map it looks like there is all the way some road on both sides.

I rode from one side to the other, thanks to which I crossed the river several times in very nice places. The terrain was like I like it the most, that is, varied :) However, paved sections predominated. After reaching the mouth of Rządza, I rode along the Zegrze Lake to Nieporęt, then along the bicycle path as in the above-mentioned trip, and along the tracks in Żerań, this time as it should be.

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