From Ińsko, where we spent the night, to Kołobrzeg there was only about 100 km the shortest way, but why take the shortest, when there are so many beautiful places along the way :) Therefore, on the fifth day, instead of going as far north as possible, we turned east to pass through Drawsko Landscape Park.

Start from the beginning.

Already 5 km after starting the route, we could admire beautiful views – on Lake Ińsko there is a quite high observation tower.

observation tower
view on lake ińsko

Then the route led along a narrow path just by the lake. But we didn’t get far. 500 m and we already have the first fault ;) I don’t think there was a day when nothing happened to anyone, and some of us replaced the inner tube several times. This time, however, we had a forced stop in a very pleasant place. Some were changing the inner tube, and others at that time educated themselves in the field of fauna and flora :)

by the ińsko lake
fauna and flora information

The repair went smoothly and we were able to move on.

path by the lake ińsko

We were biking all the time along the green hiking trail (Szlak Wzniesień Moreny Czołowej, ang. Terminal Moraine Hills Trail). After approx. 1 km, it enters the forest and is difficult to cycle on short fragments.

Szlak Wzniesień Moreny Czołowej
Szlak Wzniesień Moreny Czołowej

The next approx. 10 km are constant gentle ascents and descents along a forest path.

Szlak Wzniesień Moreny Czołowej

Then a few kilometers along a bicycle trail and a stop at Lake Węgorzyno, where I managed to spot a grebe :)

asphalt road
lake węgorzyno

Further it was just as pleasant. The next almost 20 km, up to Drawsko Pomorskie, led along an empty asphalt road.

rape field
asphalt road

After Drawsko Pomorskie it stopped to be so pleasantly for a while. For 4 km, we traveled to Zarańsko on a very busy road with no side roads. Two bike routes are marked on this road, but it is definitely not a suitable route for cycling tourism.

Good that it ended quickly and silence and nature reappeared :)

forest road
forest road
stop in the forest

Soon after, we reached Złocieniec. We did already 60 km, so it was time for lunch. Possibly fast, because this 60 km took us over 6.5 hours and we wanted to cover another 60 km that day. I mean, not everyone wanted to ;) Some decided to get to accommodation place by a shorter route, and I with three people, after a quick kebab, went to make a planned circle around Drawsko Lake.

It started very pleasant, with a nice bridge over the river…

bridge over the river drawa
river drawa

but soon appeared what I hate – ankle-high sand.

sand path

We struggled through such a terrain for 3 km, and then we took the main road to Siemczyno. Pretty busy, but there was no tragedy. Certainly better than on this sand.

After 7 km we got to Czaplinek and for the next 3 km we enjoyed the bike path right by the lake.

bike path by the lake

The next kilometers are not very busy asphalt roads, castle ruins, storks and cranes :)

castle ruins in stare drawsko
asphalt road

After Kluczewo, we thought about going to the black hiking trail leading right by the lake, but the road did not look bike-friendly, so we gave up and continued on the asphalt road.

A kilometer further there was another exit onto this trail and the road looked quite good there. For a while ;) Later it was worse, but we hoped it was only temporary and the view of the lake at the golden hour was beautiful :)

black hiking trail
lake drawsko

The road, however, did not get better, but the contrary … it looked as if no one had been there for a long time. Except for the beavers that evidently live there.

black hiking trail

But the lake view was still wonderfull :)

jezioro drawsko

And when it seemed like a path had finally emerged, it turned out to be more of a swamp than a path.

black hiking trail

One friend wanted to kill me for this route and the other was delighted … well, you won’t please everyone ;)

czarny szlak pieszy

It took us an hour to cover a 3 km section of the trail :)

The end was now easy. Nice view of the lake and a little over 10 km by a quiet asphalt road. We got to the night before sunset :)

view on drawsko lake

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