Already a few years ago I had planned to ride the Lower Silesian singles one day, but until I moved from Warsaw to Wrocław, it was still out of my way. Now, with the advent of spring, I am starting my sightseeing, and the first one were Single Tracks Strzelin.

Strzelin Hills, placed 40 km south of Wrocław offer 4 easy singletracks. You can find a diagram of their arrangement here in a leaflet in pdf.

We started at the train station in Strzelin, from where we followed the red hiking trail. After 5.5 km we got to the parking lot, and then, about 2 km further, to the sign with the S2 route. The route leads to the top of Miecznik, where the S3 single track begins.

singletrack strzelin S2 ascent
singletrack strzelin, beginning of S3 route

We went on the first track. Smooth surface, gentle berms, a few small bumps and speed! I liked it right away! The descent lasted just over 2 minutes, then I reached a crossroads, after which the track naturally goes straight, but takes you to the beginning of the single S4. The second part of the S3 singletrack starts on the right. So we went there and had fun for another 4 minutes. At the end a long straight, a bit rocky, braking in the parking lot and wanting more!

See the record of the whole S3 single track:

Then back uphill the red hiking trail and this time for the S4 singletrack. Shorter track, a lot of flat sections where I had to pedal to keep nice speed, but interesting turns and small bumps were also present :)

The next point of the trip was the S1 single track, which you have to get to a bit. First, there were 3 km of forest and muddy paths waiting for us.

strzelin hills
strzelin hills

Only after the asphalt road we entered a beautiful path among a green and white carpet.

strzelin hills

From there, you need to cover about 4 km of distance and 150 m of elevation to reach Kopa Nowoleska and the beginning of the S1 single track.

kopa nowoleska, strzelin hills
strzelin hills, singletracks

This is the longest singletrack here. Over 3 km and 12 minutes of fun. Flat at first, but the rocks in the middle make it the toughest single track we’ve hit. But still, it is easy and it can be overcome even on a cross bike with panniers or on a bike without any suspension, as my friends proved ;)

See the record of the whole S1 single track:

At the end, we rode down again with the second fragment of the S3 singletrack and went by bike to Wrocław. Entire route:

As for me, i.e. for a beginner, but one who has already ridden such terrains a bit and has some technical basics, the Single Track Strzelin routes were great. I didn’t have to brake all the time or wonder if I could make it, and at the same time I was able to enjoy the fast, interesting descents. I look forward to the next ones :)

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