Sandefjord in 24h

It’s easy to find very cheap flight to Norway but Norway is very expensive. So what is solution? Go to 24h trip, take food with you and not sleep. That’s what I did with friends 4 years ago. 

We flew to Sandefjord Torp Airport at 8 am and the flight back to Warsaw we had at 8:30 next day. Most people were going from airport to Oslo but we decided to visit small town Sandefjord. It’s only 8 km from airport so we went there by foot.

We were lucky, the weather was good. It was beginning of July, in Poland it was just about 35°C which is too hot for me, and 25°C and sun in Norway was just perfect.

We spent our time walking around Sandefjord and surroundings, and watching nice views. At night one of us wanted to take photos of the town from the small hill. So we went there at the evening and we were waiting few hours for a night. At 1 am we found that probably it wouldn’t be darker :) We knew what is white night phenomenon but we didn’t expect it on the south of Norway.

Later my friends decided to go to the railway station to take some nap and I went for another walk. I spent sunrise on another hill in town when I also took a short nap.

I made myself painful calluses on feet during this trip and we all were very sleepy, but we liked this trip :)

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  1. Can’t believe you flew all the way to Norway for just 24 hours! We’re thinking of going there next year, will have to find a good balance between seeing a lot and not spending too much.

    • Bartek

      Thanks for the info share, and pics! I’m to go for 3 days this June. I also hope to walk to Sandefjord and probably stay in that area for a while. Was it safe to walk to town from the airport?

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