Tarnica is 1346 m a.s.l. and is the highest and the most popular peak of polish part of Bieszczady mountain range. It’s easy to get there and it offers nice views but in summer weekends you have to be prepared for many tourists.

The shortest and the most popular hiking trail to Tarnica leads from the village Wołosate. We chose the longer trail, from Ustrzyki Górne, and beside Tarnica we went also on Halicz peak and Rozsypaniec peak.

It was long weekend on the beginning of June and many tourists chose to climb this peak at this day. I don’t like crowds so the summit of Tarnica didn’t impress me but fortunately the rest of trail was less frequented.

From time to time pairs of runners were passing us by. Later we read in internet that it was annual Bieg Rzeźnika (Butcher’s Run) – 80 km on mountain trails. Time limit is 16 hours and the best runners do this route in about 9 hours. Respect!

This region of Bieszczady is also a place of annual Way of the Cross. Every Good Friday thousands of Catholics climb to Tarnica and finish their walk near the cross on the top. I wouldn’t like to be there at this day ;)

Here is our route. You can see it also at mapa-turystyczna.pl.

The trip was difficult for me from the point when my knee started to hurt me. It started suddenly and at once pain was so big, it precluded normal walking. I was wondering if I should come back or go further but when we looked at the map we saw we were just in the middle… so, not bending my leg, I went further.

The last 6 km are easy, it’s a wide mild path in the forest. From Wołosate we took a bus to Ustrzyki Górne.

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