Looking for the best motorcycle events in Austria? Finding a great event to attend has never been easier. We must note that there aren’t many events to discover and attend, but the actual ones are so popular and attractive that you don’t want to miss them.

For you, we have a short but important list of events of motorcycling in Austria, so you can find your favorite and have a great time there.

1. European Bike Week

The European Bike Week is a Harley-Davidson gathering in Europe, at the Lake Faak (Faaker See) in Austria. Over 100,000 enthusiasts gather together each year to ride, party, and celebrate the culture. The 2024 event is scheduled from 3 to 8 September, the same well-known place for all Harley-Davidson lovers.

2. Motorrad Grand Prix von Österreich

This special event will be held at the Red Bull Ring, on 16-18 August 2024. It’s the 12th round of the 2024 MotoGP tournament. Since it’s a great event to attend, they offer camping on-site, as well as showers and toilets for the audience. The Motorrad Grand Prix von Österreich has been held at the Red Bull Ring since 2016. 

3. The MotoAlps Tour

While this is a cultural tour you can organize yourself, it’s really popular among the bikers. Discover the Tyrolean Oberland, the most beautiful part of Austria. The trails are close to Switzerland and Italy too, so you can indeed discover the most beautiful sights around. Enjoy the unique experience in the Swiss/Italy/Austria border triangle, and find out why Tyrolean Oberland is the most popular tour among cyclists. 

The MotoAlps tour is a great way to discover Tyrol, probably the greenest and most beautiful part of Austria. Keep in mind that these are self-guided tours, and you’ll have to prepare nicely before hitting the road on your motorbike.

What Else is Available for Motorcyclists in Austria?

While ride shows are limited, you can find many trade shows for your extended motorcycling experience. Since the 2024 events are already over, we suggest considering the confirmed 2025 ones, like Moto-Austria, Auto & Bike, and Oldtimer Messe Tulin. 

Final Thoughts

While there aren’t so many cycling events in Austria, we found the best ones for you. Don’t miss the chance to discover Tyrol on a motorcycle, or attend some of the most popular festive events. We guarantee that you’ll have a great time, no matter if you’re a biker or you only enjoy the sound of the motorcycles around you.


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