On May 15, in a 9-person team, we set off from Wrocław by bike, with the intention of reaching Kołobrzeg in 6 days. During this time, we traveled about 675 km on not very busy asphalt roads, forests and fields, passing several lakes, landscape and national parks. We were not disturbed by rain, sand or bicycle faults, and the beautiful nature rewarded the hardships of the journey.

On the first day, we planned the Trzebnica Hills and the Barycz Valley. We started the trip by following the Krzyżanowice – Żmigród bicycle trail (green, I think?). Initially, the trail runs along an asphalt road, which after about 10 km turns into a comfortable gravel in the Malin Forest. We also had our first break there for an inner tube change. I thought it was unlucky that someone had broken an inner tube so quickly. Later it turned out that various bicycle faults are our everyday life ;)

malin forest by bicycle

Behind the Malin Forest, there were some uphill stretches on the Trzebnica Hills and a downhill ride through pretty gorges.

trzebnica hills, gorge

Between Trzebnica and Księginice, we made a longer stop at the Cztery Ściany brewery. Reportedly they sell very good beer there. I don’t know, because I don’t like them all, but well – democracy… I had to spend some time in such a “beautiful” place.

cztery ściany brewery

After the break, we went along the bicycle path towards Ujeździec Wielki and a moment later we entered the Barycz Valley Landscape Park. Initially, we had to break through some mud and sand, but after about 4 km a nice bike path appeared.

barycz valley by bicycle
barycz valley by bicycle
barycz valley by bicycle

Riding along the path and then on the empty and quiet asphalt, after 5 km we reached Jamnik, where we took a break again, this time in a really beautiful place :)

barycz valley by bicycle
barycz valley by bicycle, the lake in jamnik

It was already getting ready for rain, and 10 km further in Olsza heavy rain appeared.

barycz valley by bicycle, raining

We put on rain clothes and were supposed to move on in the downpour, but a nice lady from the farm where we were standing invited us and let us hide under the shelter in her garden.

waiting in the rain

We spent about half an hour in this way, after which we decided that there was no point in waiting any longer and we had to move despite the rain. It stopped raining a few minutes later, but instead of a pleasant bicycle ride, we had another stop, this time for a tire change. The defect seemed serious, but it turned out that there are those who carry spare tires with them, which I would not have thought of myself ;)

So we could continue on the R9 bike trail towards Dubin.


Then we continued along the asphalt road to Jutrosin, where we stopped for lunch in a restaurant U Szwagra.

lunch u szwagra, jutrosin

From there it was not far to the destination. Only less than 30 km on a not busy asphalt road.

bicycle trail r9, bartoszewice

On the way, we went shopping in Biedronka in Krobia, and this way from break to break, after 11 hours and 116 km, we reached the planned accommodation in Wymysłowo.

The next day we planned 117 km and a ride through the National Park of Wielkopolska. Report soon :)

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