Szlak im. doktora Bronisława Turonia (Trail named after Bronisław Turoń) is a yellow hiking trail, about 180 km long and running around Wrocław. Most of it runs on asphalt, good gravel, forest and dirt roads. It’s worth the ride!

We started in Ślęza near Bielany Wrocławskie and headed east with the intention of doing the Turoń Trail in one go, because I read on Wikipedia that it measures 140 km. But we checked and it’s not true.

It started out not very interesting, because the trail in this part leads through the urban area, but after a few kilometers, in the vicinity of Suchy Dwór, you can feel that you have left the city. You have to ride a short distance there on an uncomfortable cube stones, but further, until you reach Siechnice, there will be a pleasant asphalt road.

turoń bicycle trail, suchy dwór

Between Siechnice and Kotowice, you will have a bit of a bicycle ride on concrete slabs and a beautiful forest path around the lake.

turoń bicycle trail - siechnice
turoń bicycle trail - dziewicze lake

In general, the Turoń Trail is well marked, but in some places yellow marks are missing and you need to use a map. I used the application, but right behind the lake it also confused us and before we found the trail, we had to get through such a “path”.

turoń bicycle trail - kotowice

Another obstacle awaited us 5 km further in Ratowice. The trail runs across the bridge over the Odra River and the canal lock, which is under renovation. From the side of Ratowice there are boards informing about the prohibition of passage, but from the side of Kotowice, from which we were riding, there were no prohibitions. Only the dug ground on which it was possible to walk, so we walked over ;)

turoń bicycle trail - ratowice

If you prefer to skip this part, there is a railway bridge nearby in Czernica.

From Ratowice, riding a few kilometers on the asphalt, you will reach Chrząstawa Mała, where the Widawa Brewery, which is praised by my friend, is located.

turoń bicycle trail - widawa brewery

Then the yellow trail will lead you across the Widawa river and into the forest.

turoń bicycle trail - widawa river
turoń bicycle trail - forest close to kątna

In Kątna we left the trail for a while in search of a shop, which we did not find, however. It was only in Długołęka, 15 km further, that we managed to do shopping. Earlier, however, we had to ride past the Rakowski Pond and the Bielawski Pond. Anyone knows what happened to the water in the latter?

turoń bicycle trail - rakowski pond
turoń bicycle trail - bielawski pond

In Długołęka we already had a 70 km bicycle trip, so it was time for a longer stop. Just 2 km away is the perfect place to relax.

turoń bicycle trail - szczodre

Then the yellow trail goes through a beautiful forest path. We were there at the beginning of April, when nature was just waking up. I guess it’s even more beautiful now :)

turoń bicycle trail - domaszczyn

Just 2 km further, the Turoń Trail leads through another naturally attractive place – the small lake Szczypek.

turoń bicycle trail - szczypek lake
fot. Robert Kazimirów

Then a few kilometers of pleasant bike rides on gravel, forests and asphalt and the most unpleasant part of the trail begins. The embankment along Widawa with grass, holes and molehills on it.

turoń bicycle trail along widawa

It was a nightmare to ride on this by bike, so after 2 km, in Krzyżanowice we went onto the embankment on the other side of the river, through which we rode to the Widawski Bridge.

turoń bicycle trail - krzyżanowice

From there, another 10 km to Kotowice is a pleasant ride on gravel and not very busy asphalt. Behind Kotowice, the yellow trail turns to the embankment along the Odra River and the ride for a short fragment is quite difficult.

turoń bicycle trail - kotowice
turoń bicycle trail - kotowice
fot. Robert Kazimirów

In Uraz, we had dinner in a pizzeria in the port and, with the sun going down, we continued along the Odra River, to Brzeg Dolny.

turoń bicycle trail along odra
fot. Robert Kazimirów
turoń bicycle trail along odra
turoń bicycle trail odra

From Brzeg Dolny, for approx. 15 km all the way to Gosławice, the Turoń trail runs along a not very busy asphalt road. In Gosławice, we turned off the trail towards Wrocław, with the intention of completing the route at the earliest opportunity.

A week ago, this time in a team of 3, we completed the trail around Wrocław.

Right behind Gosławice, a gentle uphill asphalt road awaits you, and about 5 km further, the Castle on the Water, which is an ideal place for a break.

turoń bicycle trail - castle on water

Before you get tired, just 2 km away, another nice place to rest – the pond in Mrozów.

turoń bicycle trail - mrozów
turoń bicycle trail - mrozów

Then a few kilometers of asphalt, a little forest and a dirt road that will lead you to Lutynia.

turoń bicycle trail, close to lutynia
turoń bicycle trail, close to lutynia

From Lutynia, riding through the forest, you will reach the Zamek Cultural Center and the Leśnicki Park, which is another good opportunity if you want to rest. It is worth using, because it is one of the last beautiful places on this bicycle route.

turoń bicycle trail, close to lutynia
turoń bicycle trail, centrum kultury zamek

Right behind the castle, after passing the tram terminus, there is also a nice Złotnicki Park.

turoń bicycle trail - park złotnicki

Then, about 15 km of pleasant bicycle ride, mainly on asphalt, and in Gądów the yellow trail led us through a field road broken by tractors with a view of some production halls or warehouses.

turoń bicycle trail - gądów

Then the Turoń Trail runs through Tyniec Mały and along the bicycle path by the halls to Bielany Wrocławskie. Nothing interesting.

turoń bicycle trail - bielany wrocławskie

Below is a record of my route from the second part of the trail:

Despite the not very attractive south-western part, the yellow trail around Wrocław is definitely worth traveling. In large part, it leads through nice forest or field areas, away from car traffic, and the surface on the vast majority of the trail allows for a pleasant ride on a cross, trekking or gravel bike.

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