On the second day of our bicycle trip to the sea, we planned to go through the Chłapowski Landscape Park and National Park of Greater Poland and accommodation at Bytyń Lake. We had the longest daily distance ahead of us, but everyone was full of energy :)

Start from the beginning.

We spent the night in the guest rooms Pokoje Gościnne u Ani (Wymysłowo 24). The fully equipped kitchen allowed us to make filling scrambled eggs for breakfast, and our bikes were safely locked in the car repair shop on the property.

The first 26 km, from Wymysłowo, through Gostyń, to Żelazno, we rode by the R9 bicycle route (EuroVelo 9), all the time on a asphalt road with little traffic.

bicycle trail eurovelo 9, close to gostyń
bicycle trail eurovelo 9, close to gostyń
bicycle trail eurovelo 9, close to gostyń

In Żelazno, we changed the bicycle route to Drogi Mickiewiczowskie (Mickiewicz Routes) and soon we had to ride a few kilometers along a field and forest road.

bicycle trail drogi mickiewiczowskie
bicycle trail drogi mickiewiczowskie

Then a moment for nature education…

chłapowski landscape park

and then in Turew, in the middle of the General Dezydery Chłapowski Landscape Park, break for education about history and literature.

palace in turew
turew palace information

After the rest, rich in knowledge ;) we went further, along beautiful, quiet roads, through Czempin, to Mosina.

road to czempin

We had 70 km behind us in Mosina, so it was a perfect time for lunch. This time in Bistro u Radzia, at Kościuszki street. Unfortunately, only for takeout, but 100 m from there we found a sheltered place where we could eat reasonably comfortably, despite the rain. Affordable prices and huge portions. Half of the pork chop I had for breakfast the next day :)

lunch in mosina

Right after Mosina, we entered the Wielkopolski National Park (National Park of Greater Poland). We had a short uphill ride ahead of us and then the observation tower from which we had the opportunity to watch a beautiful rainbow :)

observation tower in mosina
view from observation tower in mosina

Then a short ride down the rocky road and turn right onto the red hiking trail to go by the path along the Góreckie Lake. Admittedly, by the path leading to the lake there was a sign with a red bicycle, crossed out if I remember well, but we “didn’t understand” and “didn’t notice” it.

Moments later, we had to overcome a steep downhill forest path, which most of us did by foot, and then we could enjoy 2 km of a beautiful path right by the lake :)

Góreckie Lake
Góreckie Lake
Góreckie Lake

Then we just had to go back up, this side by the stairs. There we understood well what that sign meant and why it was placed ;)

stairs in wielkopolska national park
photo Kiepo Aman

Later it was just beautiful, without any great terrain difficulties.

The last section of the Wielkopolski National Park…

wielkopolska national park by bicycle

break at the Chomęcickie Lake

chomęcickie lake

and beautiful light falling on trees and rape fields on the bicycle route along Niepruszewskie Lake.

bicycle trail along niepruszewskie lake

Soon after, the sun started to set below the horizon, and we had to manage the fourth bike failure that day ;)

bike failure

There was still about 20 km to the destination. A dozen or so km on an asphalt road and finally a few km through the forest, where at some point it turned out that the road marked on the map suddenly ends.

forest close to bytyń

We had to look for another one, but anyway we managed to get to the hostel a few minutes before the downpour :)

I went to bed right after the shower, because for the next day we planned not an easier route, but some of us had to consume before sleep heavy drinks transported for the last 30 km ;)

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