The route on the third day of the trip to Kołobrzeg assumed a ride through the Sieraków Landscape Park and the Noteć Forest. The distance was not long – about 100 km, but a large part of the route led along dirt and gravel roads. There were also a lot of small climbs and descents.

Start from the beginning.

We spent the night in the hostel in Bytyń at Lipowa street. Contrary to the previous day, here we only had a microwave and kettle, so some of us preferred to eat breakfast on petrol station Orlen, after a few kilometers of the route.

At the beginning I got to the nearby Bytyń Lake, which we had no time to see the previous day.

bytyń lake

Then, while part of the team was eating hot dogs, I and the others rode up a small hill to look at the open pit mine and the surrounding fields.

mine, bytyń, sękowo

Then, together, we headed towards Sieraków.

dirt path

On the way, we had a short beautiful path between two lakes in Lubosin …

path between lakes

some smooth asphalt, some forests and fields …

asphalt road
forest road
field path

and a break at the lake in Łężce, which you will reach by quite a steep and long descent.

lake in łężce

Then, through the fields and forests, we went to a “viewpoint” marked on the map and located a few km away.

It turned out to be “Stones Mountain” (“Góra Głazów”) with a small hill from which you can see the surrounding fields and forests. Nice, but nothing special. However, there are tables and a shelter, so it’s a nice place to hang out.

góra głazów
góra głazów
góra głazów, information table

From there it is only 7 km to Sieraków, but the route would be too short if we took the shortest route, so we went south, and after 3 km we turned west and, riding through forests, near lakes, we extended this fragment to over 20 km.

The route led along pleasant paths, part of the E11 European long distance path.

forest close to sieraków
lake wielkie

Just before Sieraków, we turned towards Lake Lutomskie to go by the path along it.

First, however, we had to break through the bushes …

hiking trail to lake lutomskie

and there we go again… just like the day before, we had to go down to the lake to get to it. Here you can choose stairs or a narrow, steep path covered with leaves.

stairs to lake lutomskie
downhill path to lake lutomskie

And then 2 km of a beautiful route with the view of the lake and this time there were no obstacles on the other side :)

hiking trail by lake lutomskie

After 7.5 hours and 65 km from starting the route, we reached Sieraków for the awaited dinner. This time in Obiady u Ani, where, just like the day before, we ate large, inexpensive portions.

obiady u ani, sieraków

We rode another 10 km on an empty asphalt road,

asphalt road close to sieraków

and then we turned right and following bicycle trail Academic Trail (Szlak Akademicki) after a while we got to Lake Barlin. We made another stop there. Two daredevils decided to swim in the icy water, while the others, dressed in sweatshirts – watched ;)

stop place by lake barlin
stop place by lake barlin

From there, to Kamiennik, where we had booked accommodation, there is 20 km through the Noteć Forest (Puszcza Notecka). We were afraid that it might be a heavy 20 km, in a deep sand, as is often the case in spruce forests, but it turned out that we had a comfortable, wide gravel road the whole distance.

szlak akademicki, noteć forest

At about 9 pm we got to Rancho Bonanza. A very nice place to stay, although the kitchen is small and it would not be easy to make a decent dinner or breakfast for a large group of people.

rancho bonanza
rancho bonanza

The next day we had in plans Drawa National Park and the finish line by the lake near Ińsko.


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