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Wrocław – Kołobrzeg by bicycle: day 4

On that day, the weather did not encourage long bicycle trips. Transient but heavy rains, also with hail, appeared throughout the day, so we shortened the route from the planned 114 km to 96 km and rode almost all of it on the paved roads.

Start from the beginning.

The first almost 20 km we rode along an asphalt road and then we turned into the forest to see something that in the mapy.cz application is marked as “viewpoint over Lake Linkowo”. It sounded interesting :)

around krzyż wielkopolski
around krzyż wielkopolski

The tower looked better than the Mountain of Boulders from the previous day, but the view was so-so ;) Maybe in the sun it would be nicer.

landscape tower
view from landscape tower

After a short break, we continued along the forest road.

forest around linkowo lake

After about 10 km, we reached Stare Osieczno, where we huddled under a small bus stop and waited for the hailstorm to go away. From there, for the next 40 km – through the Drawa National Park and further to Żółwino, we were riding on asphalt roads all the time. The quality of this asphalt, however, varied. In some places it was a smooth surface, on which riding was almost effortless, and in places it was so full of holes that it was impossible to take a good photo while riding a bike ;)

bicycle trail in drawa national park
bicycle trail in drawa national park
bicycle trail in drawa national park

After Żółwino, we turned onto a dirt road, which we rode for about 10 km.

field path, close to ińsko landscape park
głęboka river

Then another 10 km on an asphalt road on the outskirts of the Ińsko Landscape Park

asphalt road, close to ińsko landscape park

and we reached the Wisola holiday resort on Lake Stubnica. We were accommodated in two 4-5-person houses, and in each of them we had a well-equipped kitchenette. A very pleasant place, just a pity that the weather was unpleasant, but the forecast was better for the next day :)

wisola resort by stubnica lake


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