Have you wondered whether customizing your bike would be a better choice than investing in a brand new model? You can get a customized bike for the same or even lower price – check what the customization process looks like.

Once you switch to the semi-professional or professional level in biking, you really start noticing the significance of the gear. The bike that doesn’t fit your needs 100% may actually stop you from progressing. And even if you don’t have professional ambitions but use your bike on a daily basis, it’s worth reaching out for customization to make the model exactly the way you want. 

Contrary to common opinion, it actually can be affordable. There are providers that offer customized bikes at prices comparable to brand new bikes. What does the customization process look like? How much flexibility do the producers provide in terms of components and aesthetics? Let’s take a closer look at that.

What can you customize?

The level of flexibility depends on the particular company. Of course, we recommend you reach out to those who let your imagination go wild, offering a wide variety of frames and components from reliable suppliers. Most providers let the clients customize the technical specifications as well as the exterior design. 

You should be able to customize wheels, tires, gear cable, chain, chainstay, crank, spoke, hub, the tubes of the frame, stem, brake, fork, shifters, gear, and brake levers, among others. All these elements may affect your comfort and the ability to ride on various surfaces. In the end, you also get to pick accessories such as the rack, the bell, ad many others. You can build your own model from scratch or get inspired by known ones such as Enduro MTB or Evil Bikes.

What does the customization process look like?

The very first step is to determine your needs and expectations. You probably reached out to customization because you want your bike to meet them 100%. Think about such parameters as maximum speed, the size of the wheels and their thickness, the width of the tires, brakes, and amortization. If you’re not sure how to adjust these parameters to your preferences and habits, a reliable provider will surely help you with that.

Once you’re done with it, the customization company prepares a design for you to verify. If you accept, it’s time to put it into life – it’s as simple as that! Note that the customization is a sustainable alternative to the sales of ready-made models – the bikes are produced on demand.


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