This year, Bystrzyca Górna has become a new, although small, but interesting biking area. Three singletracks were built there, a skill park was developed in nearby Lubachów, and local riders created natural enduro trails.

Bystrzyca Singletracks (Bystrzyckie Singletracki)

On the hill in Bystrzyca Górna there are three short singletracks whose names refer to the minerals that were once mined in this area: Zinc Loop (Pętla Cynkowa, green), Silver Loop (Pętla Srebrna, blue) and Lead Loop (Pętla Ołowiana, red).

The Zinc Loop is only half a kilometer long and anyone can do it on any bike.

bystrzyca singletracks, poland

The Silver Loop is 2.5 km long and the Lead Loop is 1 km long and they are connected in such a way that you can do the uphill part of the Silver Loop, then the uphill part of the Lead Loop and go down the Lead Loop and immediately the Silver Loop without stopping.

bystrzyca singletracks, poland

The first time, I didn’t even notice at what point I turned from the Lead Loop to the Srebrna Loop, especially since they are very similar in terms of difficulty. Pętla Ołowiana was marked as red probably because of the large tabletops, but in bike parks such trails are marked as blue.

The descent is short, even when you connect the two routes, but really great! Large, wide berms that you can enter at high speed and several jumps, built in such a way that nothing will happen if you don’t go over them all. I mean, it can happen, but they still ensure as much safety as possible and as much fun as possible. And those who don’t jump yet can simply ride over them and have fun doing so.

Enduro MTB trails in Bystrzyca Górna

When you get bored of smooth flow trails, you can have fun on enduro trails, i.e. trails with a natural character. These are unofficial trails, which means they were prepared by people who live nearby and simply like to ride such routes. The easiest of them is the Widna 2 trail, marked on Trailforks as blue. But be careful – it is much more difficult than the Pętla Srebrna (Silver Loop). Everyone should be able to ride the singletrack slowly, but on Widna 2 there are roots, sharp turns in places and there is really easy to crash if you have no skills at all.

The Redline trail is also marked blue. It initially runs parallel to the red hiking trail and then together with this trail. There are a few jumps along the way and a long straight where you can gain a lot of speed. In my opinion, the ending definitely deserves the color red. Unless you go straight instead of turning right – then it’s blue, but you go straight onto the street, so you can’t speed up too much there.

The red Justynka trail is the most difficult. There are some steep and sharp turns and some rock gardens. The first part also has a few short climbs, unlike the other two enduro trails, which go down all the time. The most difficult section of the trail is at the end.

The skill park in Lubachów

While in Bystrzyca Górna, it’s worth visiting Lubachów, which is just 3 km away. A skill park was established there this year, where you can practice various skills useful on singletracks and bike parks. There are, among others: wider and narrower wooden bridges, berms similar to those on the Bystrzyckie Singletracks and two tables, similar in size to the tables on the Lead Loop. There is also a small rock garden, i.e. a section on stones, and quite a large drop with the option of a bridge and without a bridge.

skill park lubachów, poland

Just watch out for the bridge that you can see in the distance in the photo below, because it’s not an ordinary bridge! It looks like a regular one, but in fact its second half is a teeter totter, that is, it lowers at the end under the weight of the biker. I didn’t know about it, I wanted to jump off it and at that moment it lowered itself… I ended up with a pedal hitting my shin, and I have metal pedals with pins that hurt when they hit ;)

skill park lubachów, poland

Both the skill park and all singletrack and enduro trails can be found at Trailforks. You can also check out my track on Strava.

Overall, it’s a very nice place. The routes are so short and there are so few of them that I would rather not go there especially from very far away, but for the inhabitants of Wrocław, Wałbrzych and the surrounding area, it may be an interesting option for a one-day MTB bike trip.


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