One before last day in Austrian Alps I made a trip from Habsburghaus to Karl-Ludwig-Haus through via ferratas Kaisersteig and Wildfährte. It wasn’t long and hard journey so it was perfect for me this day, as I didn’t feel great.

After I managed to climb ferrata Haid-Steig with cold previous day, this day I felt even more weak. That’s why I chose only 9 km trip with about 600 m of descent and 900 m of ascent. One man from Habsburghaus recommended me this trip, telling that it’s not touristy. He was true. There wasn’t many tourists… like everywhere in Austria ;) I mean, I don’t know the whole Austria, actually I spent only 8 days in region Hohe Wand – Schneeberg – Rax, in the middle of June, but during my hikes everywhere there was nearly empty. It’s huge difference comparing to Polish Tatras.

First ferrata this day was Kaisersteig. It’s difficulty is marked as A and it’s really easy.


Wildfährte is marked as B and is a bit more challenging. There are well exposed parts where it’s good to have head for heights. There are also parts which are not secured by metal line and are pretty dangerous so carefulness and sure-footedness is advisable.

Before I came to Austria I was wondering how difficult is Orla Perć – the most difficult trail in Tatra Mountains, comparing to via ferratas in Alps. Now, after I walked ferratas in different levels of difficulty, I can say that in grading A-E, Orla Perć can be compared just to B.

Wildfährte it’s very nice ferrata with beautiful landscapes but I don’t have many photos to show you, because I was tired and I didn’t feel like making them ;) Beside being weak because of cold I also took too little water. I had only 1 litr for whole day and it was about 25°C. It took me about 2,5 hours to finish Wildfährte but I think it can be made in about 1,5 hours if you have good condition.

From the top of the hill the trip was easy. I decided to go to Heukuppe, the highest peak of mountain range Rax. It’s 2007 m high but the summit is mild. It resembles polish Bieszczady, which I will soon describe on this blog :)

My trip ended in Karl-Ludwig-Haus, where I had a pleasure to meet a girl from Poland who works there. I had also a pleasure to take a shower, after two days in Habsburghaus which lacks it ;)

Here you can see my trip:

Next day I went down to Preiner Gschied where I took a bus to Reichenau and then a train to Vienna. I spent a night in a hostel and next day I returned by train to Warsaw. The train was 6,5 hours late so finally I had a time to read a book, which I was carrying during my journey in Austria and I didn’t have time to read it in mountains ;) …. actually, polish trains and its comfort and punctuality is material for separate article…


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