Did you know that only 35 km from Warsaw you can visit the Castle of the Masovian Dukes, located in Czersk which is one of the oldest strongholds in Mazovia? Actually now it’s only ruins but it’s great idea for one day biking trip which includes also nice surrounding fruit orchards.

The oldest traces of human in the area of Czersk come from 2000 years ago and the oldest settlement from 6th – 8th century. Constant settlement began in the 11th century and in the 13th century Czersk became the site of the Mazovian princes. The castle was completed in 1410 – the year of the polish victory in the Battle of Grunwald. Polish and lithuanian forces defeated Teutonic Knights in this battle and it’s regarded as the most important victory in the history of Poland. Czersk was damaged in the 16th century during the Swedish invasion and after deadly plague in later years only about a dozen of residents survived.

Now you can see in Czersk three towers (two of them are accessible for tourists), piece of walls and a bridge which was builded in 18th century.

castle in czersk poland

During summer weekends there are many events like knights’ tournaments or family historical picnics. You can see people dressed like in Middle Ages, eat medieval food, shoot with the bow etc. The above photo is from the beginning of April which isn’t already a season for such attractions.

The entrance to the castle is paid but it’s not expensive. Normal ticket costs 8 zł and discount ticket 5 zł. Discount tickets are for children, students, seniors and also for people who come by bike, no matter how old they are :)

From the towers of the castle there are nice views of surrounding orchards. During my recent visit it was a bit too early but I will try to repeat my trip during flowering and show even better photos than this one:

view from castle in czersk in poland

Don’t forget to go down by the small lake and park. From this point you can make the best photos of the castle.

castle in czersk, mazovia, poland

Biking trip from Warsaw to Czersk and Warka

As I mentioned before, I recommend to take a bike and visit Czersk during one day trip. Below is my recent trip, however you can make it shorter returning from Warka by train.

The best starting point is the last metro station – Kabaty. Ride through Kabaty Forest (Las Kabacki) to Park of Culture Powsin which is on the south side of forest. In Powsin you have to spot blue biking trail and follow it until Czersk.

You can be surprised but it’s still Warsaw ;)

powsin kabaty forest warsaw

About 3 km later you will ride through a nice park in Konstancin-Jeziorna and after this town the trail follows on silent asphalt roads through villages until Góra Kalwaria. konstancin jeziorna poland

If you like architecture maybe you will like a church in Góra Kalwaria.

church in poland in mazovia

From Góra Kalwaria it’s only few kilometres to Czersk. You will ride partly through orchards which will accompany you until Warka.

fruit apple orchard mazovia poland

I recommend to eat lunch in a small restaurant located by the main road between Góra Kalwaria and Czersk or in Czersk. Further I didn’t see any good places.

From Czersk to Warka you have to follow green walking trail. Contrary to blue biking trail between Warsaw and Czersk it’s not well marked so I hope my route on Bikemap will be helpful.

Most of the trail leads through apple orchards and partly through villages and through forest close to Warka. Poland is one of the biggest producent of apples in the world and region of Mazovia south of Warsaw is reportedly the biggest orchard in Europe.

By the way, did you know that for years Poland had the biggest population of white storks in the world? However in recent years it fell and now probably Spain is the first and Poland second.

white stork mazovia poland

In Konary village you can see a church, probably from 19th century and from this point it’s about 15 km to Warka.

church konary mazovia poland

Warka is a small town with nice building of town hall and it’s known from beer called also Warka. Brewing traditions in Warka go back to the 15th century and now its beer is one of the most popular polish beers.

warka poland town hall

The town is located by the river Pilica which is a good point to rest at the end of the trip. If you finish here the trip would take about 70 km and about half of it would lead on asphalt and half on dirt roads. The part between Warsaw and Czersk is quite touristy and between Czersk and Warka is much less known. Trains between Warsaw and Warka go every 1-2 hours.

If you want to make a really long one-day trip or two-day trip you can follow my trip. From Warka to Warsaw it leads all time on asphalt roads and until Zalesie Górne they aren’t busy. There isn’t any attraction on the way, only small wooden church in Sułkowice. My photo is not the best because I was hurring up to ride before sunset as far as I could ;)

church in sułkowice mazovia poland

I was riding all time more or less along railway line so if you want to finish your route earlier you can take a train on one of the stations (they are every few kilometres).

From Zalesie Górne to Warsaw I was riding on main road which is very busy and unpleasant. There is a possibility to bypass it but it was already after sunset and I didn’t want to ride in a dark in forests or some small roads which I don’t know. It was my longest one-day biking trip so far and I didn’t expect I could ride so long :)

See more photos from this bicycle route.

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